iMce Remote

Control your Windows PC and Media Center Experience with this wireless MCE Remote Control application.

The software uses the HTTP protocol over a wireless IP network. The Basic Edition is availble free of charge for non commercial use.


  • Windows 7 Based Pc (Networked), 32 or 64 Bit
    Windows Vista Based Pc (Networked), 32 Bit
    * for the media center functions you will need
    either ultimate or home premium editions.

    * for vista compatibility you will need
    dot net framework 3.5 or better.
  • Apple iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Network Router with Wireless
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iMce Remote (Basic) Features
(Standard Windows GUI Applications)

  • Remote Mouse Movement
    • Left Click
    • Right Click
    • Scroll Wheel
  • Remote Keyboard Functions (Using Native Keyboard)
  • Remote Numeric Key Pad


iMce Remote (Basic) Features
(Windows Media Center)

  • Remote Gesture Pad for Windows Media Center
    • Left Flick
    • Right Flick
    • Up Flick
    • Down Flick
    • Tap To Select
    • Back Button Navigation
  • Remote Control Screens Windows Media Center

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